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Again, we can easily make a fishnet shawl model with you. Not only is it a fast-moving braid, it also looks good.
We start by making harosho at the bottom end with 4 loops. 2 we give the triangle form by increasing the loop one at a time from the sides.
We cut 1 from the front and weave by increasing 1. In the back row, we cut what we raise, and we advance the example by increasing what we cut.
We finish the example until the long part of our shawl is 1.5-2 meters. We make the shawl look even more beautiful by fringing it at the lower ends.

Today I’m going to tell you about making hairpin shawls. This slim, envelope wrap model is very beautiful and very popular. I’ll try to tell you how to knit this shawl.:

* We take a large hairpin, a medium-thin rope and a wool crochet.
* We weave the length we want with our hairpin.
* 4 pieces of the same length we weave firketemizle.
* 1. we’re getting our hairpin vote. We pick up 20 ropes from the first one. We pick up 5 ropes between them. We’re putting chains on it.
* In the same way we do the other side and complete the first one. 2nd ed. we make our hairpin, we make chains between them, we put them together.
* This is how we complete it all.
* We make decorations around the edges and complete our shawl.

The shawl model I’m going to tell you is knitted with silvery thread and crochet.
Construction: our Shawl is duplicated by starting in the middle. We pull 6 chains and close the chain. We create 6 fillings on 3’er Banister and make flowers. At the starting point of the shawl, this is the flower. Decanter spaces of the flower 4 ‘ each 2 fill, one of the single Fill by turning around the flower. Every turn we make it double on doubles and single on singles.
Trick: the only fillings by taking the reverse of the 4’lu Banister do not replicate. We weave until the length is 1.5 m and make a spider at the ends of the skirt and complete it.

Godeli shawl knitting making
We start our shawl in one piece with 35 loops around the corner.
We weave 5 haroshos to form the Godey at the ends of the skirts and go back.
We weave 5 more loops and turn, passing the other 5 loops and increasing 1 one in between.
We increase the main part by 20 loops and weave harosho and move to the godeli part.
We turn back 5’er knitting 15 after looping the bottle to increase.
We weave the Godeli portion to remain constant as a total of 15 loops, but we weave the shawl part every time by increasing 1 loop until it is 60 cm.
As for the middle part in the same way 1’er cut the loop at the end of the 35 loop until the remaining we weave and finish in this way.

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