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Knitting and crocheted shawls have no place in our lives. We use braid shawls plenty to warm up and give air to our clothes. Various kinds of knitting shawl models, examples, narratives that will help you in the following pages

Required materials for mesh triangular shawl: colored rope, 4.5 number skewers, crochet.
Construction: we start our shawl with 3 loops and increase it until it reaches the desired size. When we get to the size we want, we start reducing. When we reach 3 loops again, we finish our shawl. We can make a ring with a crochet and decorate the edges. You can also do it with a solid color rope if you want. Good luck to those who want to do it already

I would like to share an example of a shawl that you can use fondly and that stands very stylish on the shoulders of people.
We weave our shawl, which is knitted with silvery thread, starting from the lower end and replicating from the two sides.
We start by throwing 16 loops because the rope is too thin.
4 loop straight + 1 cut +1 increase + 8 we start to build our example by knitting straight.
The back side is just flat-knit.
2nd order to increase and decrease the 8 continue until the loop ends and create the baklava pattern.
We increase the Triangle from two sides in each row. We weave the Long place until it is 1’5 m and finish by making fringes at the ends.

This shawl braid appeals to all ages, and is a very easy and fast-moving model. When we weave this shawl with silvery rope, you can also use it as an evening gown on your special days. My dear grandmother taught me this model, my fragrant grandmother to sleep in the light. Then let’s move on to how to make, how to knit, this White, stylish braid shawl.


We pull 1 chain. We prepare for the spider by extending the loop on the crochet. There’s thread on the crochet. We remove 1 loop from the extended loop.

By passing the plug through the thread next to the noose, we make 1 frequent needle. We take 1 loop through the thread. We make 1 frequent needle by taking 2 loops together on the crochet. We extend the noose on the crochet. We’re doing the same thing again. We spider the same way throughout the line. We prepare this bush with 8 spiders. 2nd ed.2 Spider loops are omitted while lining up 2. we put a pin in the Spider loop on one side of the pin. 2nd ed. we do 1 frequent needle in the same way by switching to the Spider loop. By extending the loop on the crochet 1. we repeat the sequence. We make 2 Spider loops, we jump 2 Spider loops in the bottom row, 2.we create a spider by making 1 needle on both sides of the needle frequently.

To put it briefly;

We’re making 80 spiders. Then make 2 more spiders 3. we sink into the Spider’s belly and make it Spider again.

You’ll get a square shape.

We weave a total of 80 frames.

We continue to reduce 1 frame in each order until 1 frame remains. So we get the Triangle.

We’re making tassels on the 2 side. Crochet the part on the shoulder and you can make a flower motif.

Operations are continued in the same way.

Good luck…

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